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tv   [untitled]    August 24, 2013 1:30am-2:01am PDT

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district. this is the last question. can i turn it over to you? >> so the last question was around the summer and how do we decide. so in this slide you can see that this is similar to the last rfp in which we partnered with the school district. we wanted to simplify the
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application. so really it was in the spirit of trying to simplify the process so they didn't have to submit duplicate applications. and in the last slide in that it describes how the guiding principles we used. once again similar to the last partnership we wanted to leverage the state funding. and this year we were able to allocate more funding for summer programs so we were able to match some of the summer excel there's so we can do some summer programs we're really excited about. and with that that concludes our
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presentation. so i'm more than happy to answer questions >> thank you, ms. sue. supervisor mar or breed >> yeah. i want to thank the department. i know it's going to take time to look at this. i appreciate the neighborhood with the most need the clear process you go through and the huge amount of proposals. i'm very supportive of the effort and it gives some capacity building as supervisor breed said really produce strong results but may not be the best is the drafting the proposals and know how to get our proposal
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through the process. some neighborhoods are getting the short end of the stick and i do feel that equity means not looking at blanket zip codes but looking at the pockets of poverty that exists. district 1 if you look at 94118 it has poverty and rich folks. some are living in the units crammed behind garages. sometimes, the affluent part of the zip code might hide the poverty in the district. i see that 6, 5 and a 1 are the ones that decrease.
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district 6 for example, the poorest people live in the tenderloin and market area but it's heighten by the more affluent people who have moved to the parts of the city. so i think we should look at the different pockets. there are tremendous needs 90 in district one. but hopefully, we're having a conversation about that >> supervisor breed. >> i'll just say we can have a more detailed look at the information but in the interest of public comment i don't time to go down the road and repeat what's been said. thanks >> okay. thank you colleagues and ms. sue. we'll continue this into next
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week. so at this time we're going to open it up for pickup comment. there's a lot of people here and again, i would ask we give preferences to elderly and disabled as well as children but if the first people will start lining up against the wall. come up to the microphone but if you want to point in the direction of lynn people up against the wall let's get the show started.
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again, if anyone is disabilities or has small children let one of the sheriff's know and we'll make every endeavor to get you up. okay come onyouth.
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i hold a belief that most people want to feel valuable in our society. we want to benefit from the
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life-sustaining support we offer. i'd like to turn the microphone over to the committee. we are here for all. i want to commend all. this is for all the items we've called today so, please came forward >> go ahead. >> my name is ryan and i'm a client at the larkin street youth services. it has a great education higher-up we're next door to drop in.
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they're very he helpful they help us get our ged or high school diploma. i became a member and the second day i wanted to enroll back into school and the staff helped to enroll in march in may i graduated and got my high school diploma. they're very helpful to get our education. and i'm working on getting to san francisco city college. so i'd like to give my huge thanks for them helping me to get to this point. yeah, it's a good program. thank you >> thank you very much.
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>> thank you. next speaker, please come on up and if there are members of the public who are elderly or have small children speak to one of the volunteers. >> i'm bernard. since we're addressing all budget items i want to focus our attendance on the central subway budget we believe should be placed in awe obedience until there's a friends audit. particularly regard the false and legality uncertain california environmental act and accessibility of the handicap walk between union square and market street replacing is by
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benches does not meet the standards. secondly, the subway will be 80 feet above market street subjecting it to earthquake and no litigation has been presented. i recall horrifically to the thousands that died in berlin. put that in your memory. it is important that we subject the analysis
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>> their - i wanted to speak about homeless seniors. we've been working in the
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tenderloin six months trying to get some beds designated for seniors. i think we were almost there and everything seems to have blogged down. i think it would be helpful if the board of supervisors would inspect some funds for. i find that i have worked with ken and others. and they would have seniors at curry who come in 12 a month of they're new clients are likely to be homeless. they can come from anywhere in the city just because you're not in that neighborhood become
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desperate for a place to stay. they need - you don't put them too far away from the bathroom or on the top bunk and you try to help them you don't throw them out at 6 o'clock in the morning. those are things that francisco be done within the framework. but the funds that designate that might be helpful >> once the have is a chance to commit please leave the chambers. if you want to stay in city hall we have overflow rooms to wit this on tv
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>> morning i'm jennifer. i'm a connector for the community living campaign. being connected through technology. in my lifetime technology has bridged the gap between not employed. i meet a resident who has connected to people all over the world and wanted others to have this experience so he started a computer club. i've seen the confidence go up. the club is set up so residents
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become trainers. everyone passed the skills forward. air royal they're part of the community and findings value in their talent. i urge you to employ seniors and people with disabilities in computer labs around san francisco. you have a golden opportunity to be a leader to show the rest of the in addition, the capped resources of people and seniors with disabilities. when you were looking at the budget keep in mind how technology has connected the community. there were none before. thank you for the opportunity to be heard >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please
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>> why don't we keep doing. >> i'm jessica. >> hold on one second let's get the microphone on. we need the microphone victor >> now i can here myself. i'm confused of the programs. the seniors have ensured lots of cuts. this year is a time to make sure we're support the parts of our community. i want to ask to support the enhancement request this is for homeless folks and he shelter.
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we are in a housing crisis this is a modest amount. i want you to pay attention to the housing collaborative. we're asking one million dollars and this is again combaej folks and improving housing conditions. we think it's critical that tenants are involved in the short term and long-term. this is do tenants have a voice. i'd like to urge you to pass an increase for the non profit staff. our rent is going up and 4 percent doesn't begin to cover the actual costs so we hope you'll make that happen. and thank you for funding detox
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>> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please >> hi. i like commuter it's the internet. thank you okay. thank you very much >> thank you. next speaker, please >> good morning committee messengers i'm a client at the larkin shuttle. i'm here to show support like i i would for the larkin shelter.
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when my life at home became for me, the larkin center opened up for me. the opportunities that were priority to me has been crucial to my development they allowed me to find a job and save money. this fall i'm going to start college
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>> and we're not quite sure when this funding comes to an end. i want to turn this over to one
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of our students to talk about disabilities >> i'm here to talk about the program. it's been assigned to - unable to as i've said our disabilities and for the kids who are never to tired and who really love pretty much. thank you (clapping) >> and now, one other student who wants to talk about the program. >> i'm here to talk to you guys
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about our program which is the access to art. it has been established since 2012 and it's for the students who have disabilities this will help them get jobs and help them live healthy and mostly to live a good life. and our other program which is computer empower helps us to speak our mind and show people our talents and interests. we're really hoping that more students come to this program that will help them express
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themselves and gain access to the web all over the world and mostly have fun. thank you >> thank you very much. next speaker please. >> hi i'm ronald. i came to san francisco not that long ago. they helped me to get myself together with shelters and all they do. i think the larkin street organization needs more funding to take care of the homeless youth in san francisco. it's growing alarmingly so i believe that those kids should
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get off the streets and become successful at their own lives >> thank you very much. next speaker please. hello representatives i'm dennis jones representing larkin street. i am a larkin street client and i'm in a program which is a c space for youth to live. and it helps
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we promote district and support steps by all. it's to be in that seat right there. yes. that seat right there (laughter) yes. i live in our district. so in ten years i might be up
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there. in 15 years i might sit right there and larkin provides a place for me to dream and the support i need to do those things and a thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please >> thank you very much for the opportunity to address this group. i'm perry. and let me change my glasses. i want to speak on the cost of doing business in san francisco and also investing in the future of our non-profit leaders. we've worked in san francisco non-profit workforce. i've been over at campus family youth services and presently at
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i h consortium. there was a time when it was rewarding. with our two annual salaries we've put our girls through schools and we utilized the dance mission spc a and we do everything in san francisco and we're proud to call ourselves san franciscans. and we've done that on a non-profit salary. but will next generation folks build and contribute to their non-profit mission and remain in san francisco & to enjoy family. i shutter to think of the
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loyalty and experience has all gone to the wind. i'm here to ask the san francisco committee to consider in order to retain those bright leaders of tomorrow but two be a place our next generations workforce can feel they have a good end >> thank you. next speaker, please >> hi i'm with african network. i'm here with one of our clients whose originally from someplace else.
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she's an example of how community based orchestras are the first place of contact for a people in san francisco. we provided language interpretation and we also assist the city when